Electrical Services for Cairns and the Northern Beaches!

Commercial, residential, industrial and emergency

For all your electrical needs in Cairns and Region you can trust the team at Lights a Lot.

Our electricians are reliable, trustworthy, highly skilled and experienced.

Having continuous training keeps us up to date with the latest technologies and techniques .

Keep our number by your phone, on your fridge or at your desk so we are easy to reach in case of an emergency.

One of our friendly staff is always waiting to take your call.


Employees using keyboards

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Let us take care of all your commercial electrical services.

We can send a smart, clean and courteous electrician to  perform regular or call out testing, maintenance and repairs on your site.

We only send one tradesman for smaller jobs, so no more paying extra for someone 'to hold the ladder'.

Emergency EXIT lighting systems must be tested and certified every six months. See special Home Page.

Portable appliances must also be tested and tagged, Safety Switches too.

For maximum safety in the work place trust the expert team at Lights A Lot in Cairns and Region.


electrician checking alarm system

Electricity is very dangerous, never attempt or allow anyone unqualified to attempt electrical repairs at home.

Always call a qualified electrician.

At Lights a Lot we have the highest regard for safety in and around your home.

You can trust us to complete every job without fault.

We have attended many dangerous situations where seemingly simple jobs done by unqualifiad persons have led to electrocution or fire.

It's illegal and NOT worth the risk.


electrician working on electrical wiring in Holloways Beach

We are available "after hours" for emergency call out or after business installation and maintenance requirements.

Our emergency vehicle is packed and ready to go with everything our expert electricians might need to complete your repair.

Never leave anything to chance when it comes to electricity.